Mellor’s thinking, attention to detail and sense of craftsmanship are imbued in so much of Britain's urban landscape. Bus shelters, pillar boxes, bollards, traffic lights, hospital cutlery, embassy tableware – all this and more passed through his head, heart and hands.

These last two, tableware and cutlery, were a particular passion of his, a family of objects he returned to again and again. Each time he would bring forth a new and further refined form, a modern family of tools delicately balanced for the hand and mouth. He changed the process of eating forever, reducing the 11-piece place setting to 5 implements, and becoming in his own words “the person who finally abolished the fish knife and fork."

Over the course of his 56-year career David Mellor more than earned his place in the V&A permanent collection. He was focused on the everyday and that is why we love what he did and his family still do — creating functional designs that have the potential to enrich family life for generations to come.