Founder Gerd Hay-Edic was born in Trodheim, Norway in 1909. She studied design and hand-weaving at 'the Home Industries School for Women' in Oslo. Having travelled and experienced textile creations worldwide - in Europe, the Far East through Shanghai, Calcutta and Hong Kong, Gerd worked and broadened her skill set. Gerd then came to settle in Ireland as an accident of the war, in 1947. By 1949 Gerd had established what would become Mourne Textiles. She made a name for business by working with many other inspirational people such as Robin Day, Sybil Connelly and Sheila Mullally.

Gerd's grandson Mario now manages Mourne Textiles. Mario uses his grandmothers design archives, and his mothers master weaver skills to create their products today. The design studio is set up with the Mourne Mountains as both their backdrop and their inspiration.