Recently we were commissioned by Jameson Select Reserve to design and produce a small batch of 100 Irish made whiskey tumblers. The idea was to evolve the design of the classic tumbler we currently source from Jerpoint Glass, keep it simple while making it a little special.

At Jerpoint their tumblers are mouth blown into a mould to ensure consistency of shape and size. This mould was our starting point; we looked to adjust the classic tumbler mould using the lightest of touches. The aim was to create a new form, slighter to the eye but remain reassuringly weighted in the hand. There was investigation, experiments, mistakes and false starts but the end result is a hand made glass tumbler we are very proud of.

100 tumblers were produced, each hand engraved, slipped into bespoke linen sacks, a pair were wrapped in our brown paper, tied closed with string and gifted to 50 lucky individuals. A little luxury designed and made in Ireland.