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It's not all in the name. A stool can be a table, a jug can be a vase, a bowl a hat, all that's required is a bit of imagination. A little bit of madness is key and necessity can be the mother of invention, so when you need to prop open a door, a stack of books can work just fine. A different approach to the most familiar of objects, definitions redefined, revealing our homes in a new light.


"A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men."




"Drops the wind and stops the mill;
Turbot is ambitious brill;
Gild the farthing if you will,
Yet it is a farthing still."


Alice tried another question. "What sort of people live about here?"

"In THAT direction," the Cat said, waving its right paw round, "lives a Hatter: And in THAT direction," waving the other paw, "lives a March Hare. Visit either you like: they're both mad."

Image 01: Blanket as tent
Image 02: Bowl as hat
Image 03: Stools as step ladder
Image 04: Watering can as coffee decanter
Image 05: Jug as vase

Quote by Roald Dahl
Quote by Lewis Carroll
Quote by Gilbert & Sullivan

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