It is our Birthday! We are two years old this week, still small but growing fast. Mark and I started this company with no idea what we were doing; there was a plan but no retail experience just lots of new ideas and amazing people who’s work we wanted to share. Maybe we were looking to prove a point of some sort, that retailing craft and design could be exciting and interesting for the customer and for ourselves. We believe that all involved need to enjoy the experience for it to be of any real value.

So here we are two years old and looking to celebrate. There will be a cake and candles for all of us in the shed and for all our customers FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world.

In the last two years we have shipped everywhere from Moscow to Melbourne, Seoul to San Francisco, Cornwall to Paris, New York, London and Carlow. We have been wrapping, packing and bundling off gifts all over the world and receiving wonderful feedback. We have set up shop in New York, London and Dublin. Launched our growing range of Irish made products. Worked with some incredible makers, designers, retailers, all sorts new friends have been made. We have grown our tiny amazing team from two to three to five to seven. Press around the world has written some lovely things about us. It has been good, a crazy two years, a lot learnt and we are only getting started.

Next week we will announce our latest venture Makers & Brothers & Others, it is pretty exciting and by the end of the month we will have a super new website. So thank you for all your support so far, do take advantage of the free shipping and we hope to see you soon.

Thank you,
Jonathan & Mark