The final stage of the project was the box. It was important to us that the box that would hold the whiskey and tumblers would be equal to the elements it contained. We also wanted the opening of the box to feel special, almost ceremonial. For all of these needs we got together with our friends Designgoat and asked for their assistance with production. The idea was to build a classic shipping create, something similar to what would have been used in the days when Irish whiskey was smuggled onto eastern shores of America. A solid wooden case with a lid that is nailed shut and can only be prised opened with a small crowbar. A genuine physical effort needed to get to the good stuff. It is a simple thing, an oak box opened with a crowbar, simple and rather satisfying. We just hope those who receive the case enjoy it. The images above were taken in Designgoat's workshop where we packed the cases, click the arrows to view.