It is Elderflower time, the few weeks each year when one can gather and produce the tastiest of drinks. 

Elderflower cordial has always been a favourite in our family; everybody from our granny to our dad loves the stuff. We learnt from our mum who has been making it for us since we were tiny. To us it is the taste of carefree long summer days; days spent outdoors with family and friends.

We went out gathering Elderflower yesterday; Domino joined us as we climbed the walls into our local ruined Abbey – our secret source of great Elderflower. Above you can view our morning of flower foraging, and cordial making.  We hope you enjoy.

All you need is:
25 Flower Heads (make sure it is Elderflower)
2 Lemons (zest and slice)
3 lbs White Sugar
2 ozs Citric Acid
2 ½ Pints of Boiling water

Follow the images to see and learn how it all comes together. Domino’s presence is not essential but can help. Also don't forget to shake out all the little creatures that might be living in the flowers.