We read about Ray in a favourite magazine of ours, The Smith Journal, during the summer and we were enthralled by his story and hobby. A merchant sailor now retired, Ray Gascoigne is a ship builder.  Not the type you might find in a yard dwarfed by the hull but the type you might find in a living room with thread and a bottle.  Ray is a maker of the tiniest ships that live their lives in glass bottles.
We love the sea and set sail as often as we can, it would be where we would escape if it all went wrong. There is a romance to what is a very hard existence, a life that Ray has lived. He learnt to build and bottle the tiny ships while working at sea, and over the years has refined his technique. Having made hundreds, some of which are scattered about the pacific, he will still take a moment to pick up his older creations, wipe them down and enjoy looking at what he has created. The sense of achievement and the feeling that comes with such moments, that is why he keeps building and that is why we so admire this man.

Take a moment and watch video, you will enjoy it.
Thank you to Smith Journal for sharing Ray's story.