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A Whiskey Tumbler for Jameson Select Reserve

When we were approached by Jameson to design a whiskey tumbler for their Select Reserve, the only stipulation was that we worked with the Master Blender, Bill Leighton. A very nice brief, listen to an expert and learn what makes a good whiskey glass. Billy introduced us to the need for a wide base to allow for swirling and aerating of the whiskey and a narrow opening to focus the aroma. The classic glass of this type is tulip shaped with a small stem, delicate and scientific in its use it almost takes the joy out of what should be a magical moment. We wanted to keep the key functions but create some thing a little more modern and everyday.

An everyday whiskey tumbler, sturdy with a form reminiscent of the barrels the whiskey matures in. Truncated to allow for a swirl and a focused aroma but beyond that a simple glass that elevated the drinking experience and was a pleasure to hold.

To develop the idea further we called on the expertise of the master craftsmen at The Irish Handmade Glass Company, the men responsible for keeping the tradition of mouth-blown glass alive in Ireland. Like all of the products we design here at Makers & Brothers, learning about the makers’ individual techniques is an integral part of the design process for us. We worked with The Irish Handmade Glass Company to turn the prototype moulds from local Oak, experiment with scale and refine the details with each new iteration.

Together with filmmaker Albert Hooi we documented the process. Above is a shorted video. We hope you like the results.

The glass is available here if you like it.

"Every adjustment was the result of fascinating conversations and experiments with glass blowers and cutters down in Waterford."


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