The weeks that have just past were all about indulging. Indulging in all things Christmas. The nostalgic aromas of the mulled wine, the turkey, the mince pies and the feeling the days bring when there is nothing too important to do except see family and friends.  We love it. It’s the one time of year you can really kick back, relax and go a little over board.

But sometimes it can all be a little too much, too much food and, dare we say it, too much family. Now that the madness has dissipated here is a simple, seasonal, super juice that anyone can easily blend together. It’s easy, will cleanse and have you ready to go.

Beetroot, Kale and Ginger Juice 
Ingredients for Four
3 medium unpeeled organic beets, washed and quartered
100g kale, roughly chopped
2 inch piece of ginger

Place all of the items in the juicer. Serve over ice and enjoy!

Recipe and food styling courtesy of Ajda Mehmet
Photography courtesy of Al Higgins