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Beautiful Chocolate

From day one we've been big fans of Bean and Goose, two sisters from Wexford who are passionate about chocolate. They do things properly and patiently, hand tempering and mixing seasonal ingredients and carefully creating chocolate that delights all who are tempted.

Looking at one of their giant sharing slabs or playful hares, the first impression is the very physical presence they hold and the anticipation that brings. Like all the best things, though, Bean and Goose chocolate is beautiful on the inside too, made from the highest quality raw ingredients that deliver a taste that really has to be experienced to do it justice — we are a little addicted here at Makers & Brothers.

Their latest addition is part of their Easter range. The chocolate goose, in milk or dark chocolate, is, of course, a nod to their name but beyond that, it reminds us of seasonal visitors, the distinctive V of geese in flight, which echoes Bean and Goose's commitment to a changing offer that interacts with what is seasonally available.

Alongside the goose, old favourites return. The distinguished hare, an elegant Irish take on the Easter bunny, and an egg filled with salted caramel. They make curious comrades, like the start of a fable or riddle, but we are happy to host them this spring.

All are available to pre-order, for delivery the week before Easter.

Like all the best things, Bean and Goose chocolate is beautiful on the inside too.

Photography by Bean and Goose


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