Snap, the perfect card game for rainy days that are all too prevalent during an Irish summer. It could not be simpler, all you really need are quick eyes and an even quicker hand. A good deck of cards also helps and we just got a nice new deck in here.

For the uninitiated here are the rules.

The Objective
Be the player in the end with all the cards.

What You'll Need
A standard deck of playing cards. Like these super new ones.

Setting Up
Two to four players sit in a circle facing each other. The oldest player is the dealer. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals them face down to each player until all cards have been dealt.

Playing the Game
The player to the left of the dealer goes first. Taking the top card from their stack and places it face up next to the rest of their cards. The player to their left goes next.

Be on the lookout for a card of the same rank as another face up card. When you see two cards that match be the first player to slap your hand down on the cards and yell SNAP! The first player to do this takes the piles of the matching face up cards and adds them face down to the bottom of their stack. If any players get excited and shout out at the wrong time they must give each player one of the cards from their face down stack.

The player who ends up with the most cards is the winner.
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