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Care of Metal

Copper, brass and polished steel – each metal an enduring material that transcends mere adornment. Spun, cast, extruded, pressed or hammered the hardwearing ever present material is used to create everything from furniture to tools and utensils. 

There are so many ways to finish metal, beating, plating, brushing or simply polishing, the finished surfaces are always arresting. From the brightness of a just-polished tray to the warmth of a developed patina, metals change over time, evolving and adapting to their environment.

Liable to tarnish where the surface of the metal meets the air, we love the way metals like brass or copper show and share their age. It is why all metal objects on Makers & Brothers are unlacquered and as raw as we can find them. Untreated the objects are allowed to finds their place in the room, to wear with use and develop a patina that speaks of home.  Every now and then though, when we want to freshen the place up, a quick polish brightens the day.

Depending on the metal, there are plenty of homemade concoctions that can be used to remove unsightly marks, from a spritz of lemon to oil and salt; however, we tend to come back to Brasso for our copper, brass and silver — a simple cure for so many dull surfaces.

With a dab of Brasso on a dry cloth and a vigorous rub, the big reveal comes when you buff the surface. Fully restored, the metal begins to change again, settling back into its home with a fresh face. A constantly moving surface, full of light, and one that will last a lifetime.



"Metals change over time, evolving and adapting to their environment."

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