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With Christmas just around the corner, the latest iteration of our seasonal shop has sprung up on Dublin’s Dawson Street. Carefully tucked into the welcoming antiquity of Dawson Street's Old Bible Shop, we have been lucky to have found a welcoming temporary home in an iconic Dublin location. A shop we always admired but never had reason to enter.

In 1922, 41 Dawson Street became home to the National Bible Society of Ireland and their bookshop. Previously they were based on Dublin’s O'Connell St. but their shop was damaged beyond repair after a bomb attack. An old benefactor offered them a new home on Dawson street and until just last year it was Dublin’s one and only Bible Shop. It has been tricky to gather any real details on the shops history but its recent decline in relevance is pretty understandable.

Its former function is written into the very fabric of the building, from the carvings on the door to the terrazzo floor. We were drawn to the place by its distinctive curved glass entrance and mosaic threshold, but the more time you spend there the more you notice. We particularly love the deco stained glass, tucked up high offering the purest colours on a bright day.

We are lucky to be the first to offer an interpretation of this antiquated space, which makes the shop even more exciting for us. Our colour palette, merchandising and display were all carefully developed to compliment the space, while offering a modern interpretation. We have tried to take an evolved approach to a uniquely storied environment.

In addition to our entire online edit, you will find some in-store exclusives. Special items for Christmas, beautifully functional objects from Vitra alongside seasonal chocolates from Bean & Goose. Nicely odd friends from our collection of Donna Wilson creatures or super tasty caramels from Stockholm's Pärlans Konfektyr. To top it all off, we are delighted to offer Ireland’s premier selection of Aesop products gathered around our beautiful granite sink made by our new neighbour Ray.

We believe we have created an oasis of calm in the midst of the festive rush, a place to discover objects of integrity. We look forward to seeing you there over the coming month.

41 Dawson Street, Dublin

25th November – 24th December

Opening Hours
Monday 10–6
Tuesday 10–6
Wednesday 10–6
Thursday 10–7
Friday 10–6
Saturday 10–6
Sunday 11–6


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