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Weeds, a construct for the renegades of the botanical world and the dandelion their humble hero. All we ever knew about dandelions when we were younger was that blowing their downy tops off brought good luck and if you blew it all off in one go then you were loved passionately, there was more but the details have faded now.

What we have learnt recently is that the humble dandelion is rated the second most nutritious plant ever tested by the US Department of Agriculture. It is surprisingly high in antioxidants, vitamins A, B6, E and K as well as iron and calcium.

Different parts of the dandelion are edible at varying stages of their life. Before the plant flowers it's little burst of yellow, the buds are at their best, once the yellow flower appears they are great in omelettes. Later in the season their roots, after roasting and grinding, make a great alternative to coffee. It is a bit of a wonder-plant, named after the jagged teeth of a lion and currently used to aid the fight against cancer.

Love them, we do.

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