Here at Makers & Brothers we love arranging stuff. Our desks, our shelves and obviously the wonderful collection of objects we sell. It is a simple thing arranging, or at least that is the perceived wisdom, but in reality it is a lost art that takes much care and attention, it is an approach to gathering objects that has little to do with the constraints of ‘taste’ but everything to do with taste. Our mother is amazing at arranging objects and so is Martino Gamper.

‘Design Is A State Of Mind’ is a super nice show that opened this week at the Serpintine’s new Sacker gallery. Curated by Martino it showcases “ a very personal way of collecting and gathering objects – these are pieces that tell a tale."

On a range of different shelving systems some bespoke, some designed by Martino, some classic and some from Ikea there are a series of different arrangements. Collections of objects gathered by friends of Martino. Collections gathered over time offering unexpected insights into the curious collectors. There is Ron Ards collection which covers knuckle dusters to carved cats, Max Lamb and Gemma Holt share their collection of Bernard Leach Pottery, Richard Wentworth’s gardening equipment and Enzo Mari’s found paper weights.

It is a space layered deep with wonderful thinking and summarised best with the line 'interesting things collected by interesting people on interesting shelves'.

We recommend a visit.

Here you can purchase:
Martino Gamper’s Book
Max Lamb’s crockery series
Gemma Holt’s jewelery