Connemara is a place laced with our childhood memories and more. It is where we spent all our summer days and return to as often as we can. It is where we learnt to fish and forage. You would not return from a walk empty handed; there was always something of use discovered along the way, berries, garlic, timber…there was always something.

It was these memories that got us so very excited when we heard about Dillisk, a new project by Katie Sanderson and Jasper O'Connor. Dillisk, a summer restaurant based out of tiny boat shed on one of Connemara’s wild and remote peninsulas.

Calling it a ‘restaurant’ is doing it a disservice; it is a project foraged with great passion and real respect for local ingredient and materials. All that can be sourced locally has been. The ingredients are as local as can be; fish straight off the boats in the local harbour, cockles and razor clams for the local beach, seaweed from the local rock pools, pickled berries from the bushes out back, chanterelles from the local woods and so much more.

Tickets to Dillisk and are sold out at present but Septembers dates are yet to be announced. Learn more here and if you can, go visit.