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Foraging with Kirk Lombard

You can’t beat the tastiness of food you have hunted and gathered yourself. A walk with our parents was never just a walk - it was always an expedition in search of something tasty or at the very least wood for the fire. We would never return empty handed, we still don't.

Our dad's favourite expeditions are in search of shrimp, he is the king shrimper. He has a massive net, made from old lace curtains and a broom handle. Thrown over his shoulder he marches off to his secret pools and rocks where he knows he will get the best haul. This is usually followed by cockling. As the tide starts running up the rippled sand of ‘Cockle Beach’ we gather and rake. Rake, rake and rake until you feel the little tap of shell against steel. It does not take so long for a bucket fill.  We spent endless summers foraging and exploring the west coast of Ireland and tasting its treats, we still do. 

'Monkey face eels are kind of like closeted vegans'

We love these adventures and so when we came across Kirk Lombard the "Intertidal Harvester" we were very excited. In this video, The Selby follows the San Franciscan forager as he digs for saltwater treasures; horse-neck clams, rock prickle-back and monkey eels. He is wonderfully mad, taking foraging to new depths and then cooking up a storm with his wife. Enjoy and then get foraging.

Video and images courtesy of The Selby.

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