Forget-Me-Nots are popping up earlier this year and we like them a lot.

In Victorian times they had a language of flowers and the Forget-Me-Not was a symbol of true love. In German folklore a knight was picking a posy of Forget-Me-Nots along the bank of a river. He slipped and the weight of his armour pulled him under, realising he was drowning the knight threw the flowers to his love calling out “Forget me not”. Henry IV adopted the flower as his symbol during his exile in 1398. On his return to England a year later it became part of his royal crest and it was said that he had the image of Forget-Me-Nots sown into all of his garments and many of the garments of his courtiers. On top of all of that it is the state flower of Alaska and to think we once thought they were just a pretty weed.

These stories are one of the many reasons we have Nicholas Mosse's wonderful pottery range here at M&B. We love the pattern and think, given the symbolism of true love, they make a wonderful wedding gift. Shop here.