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French 75

Christmas is a time of decadence – lavish meals, gift buying and a busy schedule of social gatherings. Simple recipes that can be made quickly and that pack a punch are always welcome. For special toasts and general merry-making, cocktails are perfect. We like to stick to the classics – the same drinks that are enjoyed by your favourite black and white film heroines and heroes, gentlemen and grandmothers alike. Using spirits that are a firm fixture in any good drinks cabinet and recipes from the most respected of cocktail books – we have shaken, stirred and muddled together our favourite seasonal tipple.

Famed as the only classic that was born during the Prohibition, this powerful drink takes its name from the French field gun that had become an icon of victory in the American coverage of World War I. The drink’s success can be accredited to its inclusion in the first edition of The Savoy Cocktail Book.

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

25ml/0.75 oz Gin
15ml/0.75 oz lemon juice
25ml/0.75 oz simple syrup
Splash of Champagne

Combine all ingredients except the champagne in a shaker tin, add ice and lightly shake, then strain. Don’t over-shake to avoid diluting the drink. Pour into a tall glass and top with champagne.  Garnish with a peel of lemon rind.

Recipe courtesy of The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock which is now available here.

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