A neat little video about making a decent coffee with a cafetiere. As the days get longer there is nothing nicer than sneaking away from your desk in the afternoon for coffee in the sun. Here Abbie from Market Lane Coffee takes you through the fairly straightforward process of making great coffee for a sneaky break. The first cafetiere or coffee press may have been made in France, hence the name French Press. The evolution has been slight as the original in its rudimentary form was a cheesecloth screen fitted to a rod that users would press into a pot of boiling water. It underwent several design modifications through the years and different patents emerged but it’s use remained limited. That is until 1958 when Faliero Bondanini began manufacturing it in a French clarinet factory called Martin SA, where its popularity grew.

If you are looking for our favourite cafetiere you will find it by clicking here.

It is a film by Nico Alary and was sourced via Kinfolk.