Makers & Brothers

From Timber To Tide

A wooden sailing boat, perhaps the most elegant and functional instrument a pair of hands can build. A boatbuilder’s sole job is to breathe new life into carefully selected materials: woods, metals and fabrics that are both sturdy and supple. In this video, Ben Harris reflects on how boat building requires both a love for wood and a thorough technical knowledge, honed over time to create these beautiful creatures of the sea.

Here, we can see for ourselves his love of woodwork and of boat building in particular. Having started as a cabinet-maker’s assistant when he was 15 before studying boat building in Cornwall, this passion brought Ben on a journey that led to him exploring the coast in a vessel he had fashioned himself. Under his skilled hands, the raw components come together to create a creature that both flies and swims.

“There's real beauty sailing a wooden sail boat. It's like an instrument on the water, or the closest thing you can relate it to is an animal — it has wings, it flies, it swims, and when you get it up to a good speed it even starts to sing.”


Video by Pixillion
Quote by Ben Harris

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