We grew up with reruns of the Irish craft documentory HANDS, it slipped from memory for a while but came back into our thinking when we started out on this project. Made by David and Sally Shaw-Smith, HANDS is a unique, multi-award winning series of thirty-seven documentries on Irish crafts.  Imbued by a sense of urgency to record crafts in their natural surroundings before they disappeared completely, David and Sally set off capturing the final years of traditional rural and urban life in Ireland, during the seventies and eighties. They travelled the length and breadth of the country recording these personal and revealing films. As much about the life of the individuals, as the crafts they practised. Above is a short extract from our favourite, The Power of Metal. Truly wonderful moments in time filmed with such respect. We have the full collection available here and will soon have the indiviudal documentories available. Enjoy.