Felicity Irons is a rush harvester and weaver; a woman bringing new life to an ancient craft. She started out studying drama at college, but a car accident led Felicity to re-think her future - it was then that she taught herself to plait rushes. Working at Ravensden, near Bedford, she spends the summer months harvesting bulrushes from the Great Ouse river. She works with a team of cutters (her family and her dog Molly) cutting up to 2 tonnes of rush a day. Standing in 17ft long punts using rush knifes, they work the banks cutting stems often up to 10ft in length right from the riverbed. Each day's cut is then transported back to the farm and stood up against a 500m hedge to allow sun and wind to dry it over a few days. It's an impressive process and only the beginning: the dried rush is then taken and carefully woven into an array of exceptionally beautiful fragrant and tactile items, from flooring and baskets, to the mats we recently got into Makers & Brothers. We really love Felicity's work and are delighted that she agreed to us displaying her wonderful work on the site. If you click through the images above you will see the harvesters at work. Shop for Felicity's Rush Table Mats here.