Herriott Grace is a father and daughter project, Lance Grace and his daughter Nikole Herriott.  A simple thing, a daughter moves away from home and her father starts to send packages. In some of those packages, he would sneak in his own hand carved spoons. He had been collecting wood since the early seventies, and used his best pieces for these gifts. Nikole loved them, pieces made with unmistakable care. She knew they were something special and so asked her dad if he would ever want to share his work. Lance took a few days to think about it. And, after some convincing, he agreed to her plan, but only with people that understood and cared about the time and effort spent on each piece. And with that, Herriott Grace was born.

This is a trailer to the story about Lance, who he is and how he makes Herriott Grace possible. The full version we hope to have available very soon.  It is very beautiful.