We are nearly a year old and would like to think that we have evolved in someway since we set out. Every month we have been adjusting and looking for ways to improve our site and service. Little edits that you may not even have noticed which is a good thing because it means they have probably made things better. Recently we added a few new features we wanted to bring to your attention.

The shop images. We have had a lot of fun creating roll-over images for all of our products and hope they make you smile as you run the curser over.

Social media. You can now easily share any of our products or notes that you like via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Svpply, you can even share your purchases. Do share us.

Our notes section now has slide shows so we can share with you lots more great imagery and stories.

And more
There is a new events section where you can see what we have planned next. Our Shed, our showroom, will now be open by appointment. So if you wish to visit us just pop us an email or call the studio to let us know when we might expect you. We'd love to meet you.

There is still lots more to come in the next few weeks. There will be cooler receipts which we hope will add clarity and look a lot better, a new gift shopping section to help those looking for great gifts, gift vouchers for those who like but are unsure what exactly others will like,  corporate gifting for anybody out there who's company needs help finding great gifts, and of course more makers stories. We have been visiting lots of our makers recently and are looking forward to sharing their stories with you.

We have been busy and we hope you like what we have done and what is still to come.