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Indigo Storm

Faye Toogood has collaborated with 1882 Ltd to develop Indigo Storm. The British designer has a fine art training and her furniture and objects are developed through experimentation with materials and process. She holds a respect for the past, which is evident in the Indigo Storm range, which is a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional creamware. 

Toogood grew up with blue and white Willow china on her kitchen table. Indigo Storm, named after her daughter, adopts the familiar tones of rich deep blue and a cream offset and celebrates the unexpected beauty of natural imperfections. Images show the production of the fine earthenware objects by 1882 Ltd. Based in Stroke on Trent, the traditional heartland of the British china industry, centuries old traditions are still used in the making of their products. 

A slip coating mixture of clay and water coats the objects before firing to improve smoothness and it also contains the ground colour of the vessel. The deep blue pattern is then created when the pigment added to the slip coating does not fully blend. Each piece is hand glazed so each item is unique and possesses different chance patterns.

"A beautifully imperfect, experimental patterned range"

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