The London Design Festival is in full swing and we are here in the middle of it all. There is so much to see, touch and do that we thought we would make a small selection of our favourites. Just click through the images above to see more. Some of this work will be available very shortly at M&B.

A Place called Home
Trafalgar Square has a recent history of hosting landmark installations during LDF. The first I remember was the Great Chair Grab with Tom Dixon. This year Airbnb are the sponsors and “A Place called Home” is the brief. What I am most interested in here is the approach of the primary sponsor and those they have commissioned. Airbnb are a company in their infancy yet already a global influencer. They appear to really care and see the city as the original shared platform. They are very aware of what they are at and are committed to making cities stronger socially, economically and environmentally. Enriching neighbourhoods and communities is part of their culture, the idea and reality of home for them is key. It feels they will be bringing more to this than money and with Jasper Morrison, RawEdge and Studioilse all signed-up there is the potential for some super interesting work. Click here for more.

‘Weathering’ will be an exhibition of contemporary Irish design and craft presented by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland. The exhibition will be exploring Ireland's relationship with its uncertain and ever-changing weather. Part of the daily discourse, weather is an amazingly influential factor in Irish design and craft, from the materials available to the pace and approach it can dictate. Our limited edition, rare Spalted Beech Peppermills will also be on display. Click here for more.

Gallery Libby Sellers 
Gallery Libby Sellers always offers up some of the most interesting shows of LDF. This September Libby will be returning to the work of Peter Marigold. On show will be Peter's Wooden Tables series. Peter has the most beautiful brain and his approach always makes for a great exhibition. It will be a must see. Click here for more.

Because (Hammerspace)
A group exhibition about making the invisible, visible. The term hammerspace describes the infinite yet unexplainable space where cartoon characters produce various and often speculative props from. The sudden appearance of objects defies logic for effect, but also suggests an anarchic potential of the undefined and hidden arena around us. The exhibition explores this idea through perspectives contributed by the participants Paul Elliman, Gemma Holt, Peter Marigold, Michael Marriott and Study O Portable. Click here for more.