The London Design Festival is in full swing and we are here in the middle of the wonderful madness. There is so much to see, touch and do that we thought we would make a small edit of our favourites. These are the best bits we have seen so far.

Copper Mirror Series and Grandmateria Three at Gallery Libby Sellers. Two Super nice shows, beautiful raw magical mirrors by Hunting & Narud and the wonderful Sinkhole Vessels by Liliana Ovalle. Click here for more.

' Work Shop For Potential Design ' are back with yet another great little show called 'Blanks In Between'. Bernadette and Tetsuo have an approach to this project that is so delicate and considered. It is a joy to observe what they bring forth each year. Gemma Holt's paper weights are a favourite. Click here for more.

SCP, our hosts last year, always put on a great show. This year ‘The Special Relationship’ is a show of emerging American designers. It is their edit of some of the fantastic work that is emerging from the US at the moment. Work by Fort Standard whose bottle openers we just launched and Ladies and Gentlemen whose jewellry is one of our best sellers. There has often been a kind of snobbish attitude to American design, a foolish European perspective that this show obliterates. Click here for more.

Vernacular is a new show produced by the Crafts Council of Ireland. A selection of work from some of Ireland's best designers and makers gathered as a tribute to the once great Kilkenny Design Workshops. It includes work by our friend Andrew Clancy and the Water Carafe&Glass we developed with Jerpoint Glass. Click here for more.

Okay Studio has been one of the most important creative collectives to emerge out of London in the last 7 years. Old friends who “don't really work together, but somehow work together”. We love them all and the show is well worth a visit if only to see Study O Portable’s 26 pencils and Mathias Hahn’s Loche Glassware. Click here for more.

Click the arrows above for a sneak peak and if you are about London we recommend you visit.