Made not manufactured is a wonderful series of photographs by photographer Steve Kenward. He has been scouring the UK looking for people who still make things with their hands and in doing so he has amassed a massive body of imagery. Photographs documenting individuals who are still making by hand, making objects that although not as popular as in years past are still relevant. Steve looks to have real time with each maker and stepping into their world for a short period he has elegantly captured some beautiful processes.  Click through the images above to see all listed below. Visit Steve’s site to see even more.

Alastair Simms _ Cooper
Des Pawson _ Knotworker
Gail McGarva _ Boat Builder
Richard Bingham _ Trug Maker
Jim Steele _ Windsor Chair Maker
Phil Gregson _ Wheelright
Tony Mugridge _ Brick and Tile Maker
Brian Crossley _ Chair Caner
Trefor Owen _ Clog Maker
Martin Damen _ Spoon Maker
David Poole _ Clock Maker
Charles Hutcheon _ Stickmaker
Andy Doig _ Neon Signs