Makers & Brothers & Others, our tiny seasonal department store for Dublin opened its doors just the other day. Now that we have settled in, and we feel properly at home, we thought it was time to share this short video we’ve been working on.

We are primarily a digital operation but love the theatre and embrace of physical retail. It is for this reason that when we create a physical presence it is super important to us that it is imbued with the qualities that we so admire in the objects we offer. Simple things; the handmade, objects of integrity, modern vernaculars, the useful beautiful and sometimes nicely odd. This video is about just that - the simple, beautiful and sometimes nicely odd. It is a short compilation of some of the special moments and exchanges, between customer, object, surroundings and shopkeeper.

We hope you like what we have to offer and if you are about Dublin in the coming weeks please do drop by and say hello.

Film by Makers & Brothers and Albert Hooi
Camera & Lighting by Albert Hooi
Editing by Fergal Keenan and Jonathan Legge
Audio & Music by Fergal Keenan