Makers & Brothers

Inside Makers & Brothers At Home

A quiet wing of our Georgian home in Dublin recently became the latest location for the physical manifestation of Makers & Brothers.

A retail experience set amongst the traces of a refined yet dilapidated interior. An arrangement that makes for a curiously relaxing atmosphere, a calm space, a welcoming place where one can explore and purchase a selection of our preferred objects of integrity.

The stove is lighting, shelves and tables stacked high and our favourite café Bibi’s has a special shed in our courtyard. It is our ever-evolving exploration into a more quiet, human approach to shopping. 

“We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwelling shape us”

–Winston Churchill

“Accept blemishes and wrinkles – live with materials that age, rather than degrade.” 

–Nathan Williams

“The more virtual our world becomes, the more we need the physical”

–Ilse Crawford

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