A simple, elegant Carafe & Glass, a project we started out on 6 months ago. A project we took our time on as simple is never so simple. This was a project about understanding, we believe all good design starts with listening and understanding.

We first needed to understand how glass worked and then most importantly how Jerpoint worked with glass. Blowing glass is a super physical process that requires constant movement and focus. It is an odd dance of sorts and every maker has their own approach to the process and the material.

The idea was to develop a new product with Jerpoint, an everyday product. A product that was reflective of Jerpoint's aesthetic and desire to create beautiful, functional glass objects for everyday use. We wanted to design an object that through use became part of an enjoyable daily ritual. An object that is valued beyond its function. 

Above there is a series of photographs illustrating the production process. Just click the arrows to view the making of the first prototype. It was a very enjoyable day.