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Pinkish reds, greens that verge on blue, it's the raw materials alongside the technique of making that ensures the uniqueness of marmoreal. In black or white, it brings a host of colours into diverse environments and is particularly popular in interiors. 

Marmoreal is a highly visual, engineered stone or terrazzo devised by designer Max Lamb. We were first introduced to the product when we popped by Max's for coffee and cake; we loved it and the project that was born from DZEK.

We took the Marmoreal and carefully cut and honed it for use at the kitchen table, as a board for chopping or cheese, and as a result we are lucky enough to handle it on a daily basis.

We're not the only ones. It has been used as a basis for large scale interiors projects, from Maison Kitsuné in Paris to residential projects in London, Madrid and Brussels.

With different approaches to its use, marmoreal can be seen in bold flooring, tiles, and smaller details that accent a room. What always comes through, though, is a wonderful sense of play, taken to an elevated place.

Marmoreal is composed of 95% marble, Verde Alpi (the intense green colour), Rosa Verona (the rich red colour), Giallo Mori (the bright ochre-yellow) and a base colour of either white Bianco Veron or black Grigio Carnico.

Terrazzo is not new but with Max and DZEK it becomes a wonderfully modern product that skilfully balances tradition with a contemporary approach and visual.

A modern material that references traditional methods, marmoreal has a warmth and inherent motion to it that translates well to contemporary interiors. Rich colours and natural shapes that complement and enhance each other, surfaces with a visual texture that are both stimulates and soothes. It is a material close to our hearts, and luckily for us also close at hand — we don't think we'll ever tire of it.

Imagery courtesy of Dzek

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