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New York Shed

Back again, it seems like we were hardly away. Once more, we settled into the verdant garden of The Standard, East Village, and have been delighted to showcase some of our favourite products alongside new and exclusive works by Max Lamb and James Carroll.

We spent the early part of this week assembling our shed in its new guise, with the playful addition of a Lemonade Stand, buckets of yellow paint and an array of helping hands. James has set up a small workshop processing local lumber into fine stools, and Max is about to introduce his endearingly odd Lemonade glass.

This exclusive glass is been used by our new friend Spencer to serve Lamb-onade, our cocktail of the summer. An earthy and refreshing mix of Lemonade, ginger and whiskey, Lamb-onade by the pitcher or glass is available daily from our little stand. 

Thank you to The Standard for hosting us so graciously.

Thank you to Jameson Black Barrel for their continued support and fine whiskey. 

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