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In today’s digital world the modest notebook may seem to be a somewhat antiquated and obsolete tool. Some may say we have evolved beyond its functionality - but we see it differently. For us it is the ideal depository for our regular confused musings, ideas and observations. In this digital age with smartphones and an unbelievably connected world we no longer perceive things as we once did. And while we should embrace the future and the virtual opportunities it brings forth we are slowly becoming all too aware of the importance of all things physical. 

‘I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.’

Writing and sketching by hand is a very physical act, a wonderful, reassuringly physical act. Somewhat laborious at times, it can be completed much quicker on a tablet or other similar device. However we believe in both the immediacy and depth that comes with putting a pen to paper, it makes for a very deliberate act. Putting pen to paper makes us think about what we are doing and focuses our mind on the moment. M&B is very much a digital operation but every new project, newsletter and note starts out in a notebook or on a sheet of paper pined to the wall. Pages of thinking go into every week here at M&B and while there may not always be a refined logic, there is always a matrix of connections to be found, it just demands some time of really thinking.

And maybe this is why we like pen and paper so much – they demand time and thinking. This may sound like a pain but there is little worth doing that does not demand time and thought. 

‘I draw what I cannot say.’

Peter Zumthor, 2011
Quote by Le Corbusier
Paul Klee, Beiträge zur bildnerischen Formlehre, 1922
Quote by Nigel Peake
Da Vinci, Codex Leicester, 1506 - 1510
Quote by Van Gough

‘I sometimes think that there is nothing so delightful as drawing.’

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