Makers & Brothers

Nowness came to Meander

They were curious to talk about Makers & Brothers beginnings, to look beyond the operation and explore the inspiration. We decided we would bring them to a place we know backwards and inside out. A place up a lane with no name, through a wilderness that is slowly being trimmed by suburban ideals, past ill-conceived houses in a field once full of adventures, beyond a white gate that is never closed, under the boughs of beech, to the door of Meander, our grandparents house.

A welcoming home, a place where we have shared food, laughter and tears with all our family. A garden that has hosted adventures for four generations and a house with a warm embrace that holds us still today. It is a place we know through our hands and our hearts. We know it by the texture of the oak panelling as you run-up the stairs, by the smell of the cupboard that holds the floor polish, by the darkness of the corridor that leads to light of the stairwell, by the warmth of the linoleum floor or the chill of the upstairs loo. It is not our family home, but a home in its most wonderfully elemental form. A home we share with all our family.

Meander was designed and built by our grandparents Alan and Mairin Hope in 1939, just as war was breaking out again in Europe. Two adventurous young architects, recently married, not yet 30, started their lives together with the design and construction of their family’s future home.

This is a short video of our Creative Director talking with his mother as they wander about Meander.

Thank you to Rebecca Guinness and Errol Rainey and all the crew at Nowness.

Video by Nowness
Photography by Alice Clancy

“There is definitely a sense of movement as you are going throughout the house, movement of light, space pulling in and out, it makes it very dynamic.”

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