Mother’s Day has got us thinking about home and our mother's mother's home in particular. The prosaic description of our Grandmother's house would be something like, detached, two story, 4 bedrooms, garage, kitchen, dining, living and study plus wooded garden. Technical details that one might find in any auctioneer's brochure but nothing really. Those details are not how we or any of my family knows the place. We know it through our hands and our hearts, by the smell of the cupboard with the floor-polishing machine, by the warmth of the linoleum floor or the chill of the upstairs loo. Through the adventures and memories of growing up in its embrace.

Meander was designed and built by my grandparents Alan and Mairín Hope in 1939. Just as war was breaking out again in Europe two adventurous young architects, recently married, cycled out from Dublin city in search of a field.  Not yet 30 they were about to start their lives to together with the design and construction of their family’s future home.

We never knew my Grandfather and so for us it was always Granny's house. My brother, cousins and I spent much of our childhood there. We lived not so far away and went to school at end of the lane, so it was easy as much as anything else. It was our home, not our family home but a home in its most wonderfully elemental form. A place truly woven into our lives, it still occupies us as we have occupied it. There is a lot to say about this place, essays have been written and talks given but for now we just wanted to share a few images of granny's house, as it has been a massive influence on us and as such on Makers & Brothers.

The photographs above can be viewed by clicking the arrows. All photography is by the wonderful Alice Clancy. We will be sharing more stories and images shortly.