When we started working with Europa on our graphic identity we showed them some research we had done into the original Kilkenny Design Workshops. We loved the work Louis Le Brocquy had done for them back in the 60’s.  From this came the idea of developing a series of icons based on the thinking behind our project. These icons are now used on our stickers and tape. Above is a selection of the stickers we pop onto each package that leaves the shed. There are the expected, like a map of Ireland, ‘Fragile’, and a sketch of our shed. Then there are three scales of icon; the landscape inspired by Paul Henry paintings, objects and animals from the Irish countryside (a stool, a sheep, a tree sculpted by a westerly gale) and the details of materials like wood and wool. This is just the beginning, stay tuned as we plan on growing our  wonderful series of icons as each season emerges.