We are big fans of Bernadette and Tetsuo who work under the name Study O Portable and each year they produce one of our favorite shows of the festival. This year is no exception definitely the most thoughtful exhibitions of the week, with just five pieces, in a small basement space in Brompton. "Image for a Title: Placebo Effects in the Cultural Landscape,” is the name of the show and it is accompanied by a great small publication they have put together. 

Study O Portable presented “RGB”: three giant laboratory slides, each of which contains a powdered pigment (cinnabar, malachite and azurite). Then there is Gemma Holt’s “Semblance”, a series of small crafted boxes that look like solid wooden blocks elegantly confounding of the viewer’s expectations. One of the nicest things we have seen all week. Not sure where you can see more but if you are about London today we recommend a visit.