Sailing has always been a big part of our lives and with sailing comes a love of rope, knots and all the other wonderful sundries that accompany the wild pursuit. When we heard Alice of Alice Made This, the girl behind our favourite cufflinks had been working with ropemakers in East Anglia we got very excited.

The cufflinks are made using 1.4m, 16 plait smooth braid cord; a specialist cord that is durable and abrasive resistant. The cord is carefully woven in a beautiful stopper knot.

The stopper knot was developed as a decorative knot to ensure one’s vessel was ‘shipshape’. The expression originates from inspections carried out during the 1800’s ensuring clean and tidy ships, illustrating the crew's skills, competence and pride in their vessel.

Alice worked closely with Des Pawson on this collection. Based in Ipswich, Des is one of of the world's leading authorities on knots and sailors rope work. He even has an MBE in it! Working together Alice and Des carefully developed the art of rope making into an elegant cufflink. The short video above shows the intricacies of the work and the delicate patience needed to create such a small beauty. Click play and see more.

If you like the results you can shop for the cufflinks here.