Our oceans are slowly choking under a disgusting mask of plastic waste that we have managed to fill them with over the past few decades. The ocean currents in the Pacific have caused a convergence of waste plastics that is estimated to be over 700,000 square kilometres. The Pacific Garbage Patch is one of five more that have been found across the world’s oceans. Plastics take thousands of years to degrade; they remain in our oceans far beyond our lifetime. They simply get broken down into ever-smaller fragments and are slowly being consumed by ocean fish and mammals. It is not good.

So very aware of this issue, Studio Swine developed a product that would go someway towards alleviating the problem but more importantly, highlighting the issue with positive action. The Sea Chair is made entirely from plastic recovered from the ocean. Out at sea together with local fishermen, Studio Swine collected and processed the marine plastic into a super stool.

We like their approach. Click play above and enjoy the video.