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Simone and Eoin's Selection

Our interests and influences are broad, and this is undoubtedly a reflection of the curious and thoughtful individuals that we are lucky enough to know. This festive season, we have invited some of these friends to talk about the objects they love, their homes and the gifts they like to give. For us, the excitement of this project comes from gaining further insight into some interesting creative minds. We often choose products for the way they make us feel, so we look forward to hearing how others react to our offering.

Simone and Eoin both hold an eye for detail, a curious mind and a playful inclination towards the extraordinary ordinary, the magic of the everyday.

Simone Rocha needs little introduction, her work has won numerous awards and is regularly worn by the great and good. Her approach is very much rooted in her own being, works of fashion that are both grounded and fantastical. Her partner Eoin McLoughlin is a cinematographer and photographer whose sense of movement and light aligns with an uncanny ability to capture moments of reassuring empathy.

Together they have made a simple selection of gifts for us, objects that resonate with their home and lives.

Do you have a particular memory of a special gift received in recent years?

Simone: Roni Honi gave me a special edition book from before it was printed called 'The Selected Gifts'. It's a text of all the gifts she has received between 1974 and 2015. It felt like a really personal, precious thing.

Eoin: Simone bought me a Perry Ogden print from Pony Kids for my thirtieth. The book itself is quite small so I'm used to seeing the images a certain size but this print is just enormous, it's incredibly powerful and engaging.

"Connemara is the most beautiful rugged landscape, the edge feels like the end of the earth. This egg cup means you can have a little piece of that in your home."

Do you remember the first gift you gave?

E: One of the first gifts we really considered as kids was a present for our dad's fortieth. He’s a birdwatcher and has some taxidermy in the house so we decided to build his collection. We found a taxidermist - in the buy&sell - and I remember going to the little shed down the back of his back garden and choosing a snipe from the freezer of birds! Two weeks later the fully formed snipe was on the kitchen table alongside the birthday cake.

S: My first gifts were handmade cards for my parents, and I always remember receiving book vouchers for Hodges Figgis bookshop.

"We really love all of Max Lamb’s work and collect the crockery, the texture is very special and when you feel it in the hand its contrast of craft and modernity feels timeless."

What makes you feel at home? 

E: Cooking a chicken.

S: My family.

Are there any particular elements or objects you need in a room to feel comfortable and grounded?

S: In the bedroom, a familiar book at the bedside, cut flowers from the garden and a skeepskin on the bed.

E: I love seeing books laid out around a room, especially photobooks. It can become somewhat of a ceremony, researching and looking through them, a room becomes functional, a study or library.

"Irish linen is a beautiful natural textile, these sheets dress the bed beautifully and are very welcoming."

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