'The inverted angles of a shape split into pieces will always add up to 360 degrees. The angles can be interchanged but will always form a whole.'

This basic geometric theorem was the wonderfully poetic starting for Peter Marigold’s split series shelving - this thinking plus a heath on his doorstep with an endless supply of branches. Split is a project that comes from Peter’s hands on relationship with ideas and materials. He is a designer with a truly wonderful brain, an active imagination and an ability to get ‘just get things done’. An honest approach, a way of doing things that has put him at the forefront of design thinking today.

The split series first appeared in Milan at a show curated by Paul Smith back in 2007. It evolved for production with SCP who now offers a nice tidy version called Sum Shelving. Today Peter still makes batches of the idiosyncratic shelves in his workshop in North London. Above are a few images from the production process. Just click to view all. If you like them the rough beauties are available here.