The spoon is the second tool of the table, a utensil which created a less noisy way to sip and slup. An essentail utensil, the spoon was originally a personal object carried throughout ones life. Early spoons differed little from each other in appearance, but in the 18th Century when etiquette started to influence dining practices their forms began to vary greatly. 

Initially spoons had straight stemed handles grasped with all five fingers like a scoop, gradually a more arched form developed which led to the spoon being grasped between thumb and index finger, with the third finger resting on the stem and the fourth and fifth finger curved beneath, as they are held now.

As table settings became more fashionable through the centuries spoons began to be designed as part of sets of tableware, hence the term the 'table' spoon. By the 19th Century the spoon had evolved into the many forms we know and use today, from the bowl like soup spoon to the oval desert spoon and the tiny teaspoon, each spoon no matter how elaborate stems from the original simple form of the handmade wooden spoon.