Makers & Brothers

The Elements Series

Scholten & Baijings are a Dutch design studio widely recognised for their use of tonal colours and subtle graphic hatching. Recently they were commissioned by J. Hill’s Standard to create a collection of new Irish cut crystal. The Elements series, uses a palette of fine geometric cuts and slabs of frosted panels, details that have created beguiling beautiful results.

Scholten & Baijings developed a range of cuts, clean lines that run to a very specific series of lengths and angles. These graphic markings, these cuts, are then applied like a hatch with varying intensities and layered to create complex patterns on very simple cylindrical forms. The function of the forms themselves is very much led by the volume they carry and so each glass' use is subtly implied by its size.

This elegant combination of cut and form, the complexity layered over the simplicity, has led to the creation of an utterly collectable collection. A series of glasses that sit wonderfully well together and apart. Combinations of different patterns look as well together as the same pattern repeated. One can match and mismatch to any level and they will always look good together. That is a special thing to have created, a family of cut crystal that works together and apart. Scholten & Baijings have carefully created an utterly fresh take on typical Irish cut crystal.

We love this glassware and the exciting approach that the company behind it has to new Irish crystal. J. Hills Standard, a company in its infancy that will definitely make Irish cut crystal relevant again.

In this video, Carole Baijings of Scholten & Baijings, considers the revival of hand cut crystal in Waterford through a marriage of traditional craft and modern design.

 ‘The history of Waterford is so strong – the quality they have and the knowledge is so refined it’s great to be able, as a designer, to work together with these mastercraftsmen.’

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