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The Souvenir Project was commissioned by Irish Design 2015 earlier this year. From the outset we wanted to create a project with meaning and depth that softly spoke of our time and place. We looked to explore new ground as well as revisiting old. The aim was to investigate the thinking behind the term souvenir and what it might mean today in an Irish context. For Makers & Brothers it has been about delicately filtering all this thinking through the local context and embracing the subtleties of the land, weather, histories and people.

Our exploration was documented on camera, a short film, the journey of the project, or the journey of a voyager in Ireland or the journey of a souvenir itself. A gentle, short film that slowly alludes to the life of a souvenir, an object that only achieves its title once it is in the belonging of its owner and connected to their memories – a souvenir cannot exist without an owner, without a voyager, without a journey.

"At its root, it is literally about memory and recollection. A souvenir is so much more than useful or beautiful; it is a loved object laced with emotional associations."

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"A beautiful thing when you think about it, an individual piece that for its keeper holds a moment, a memory, a ghost of a time past that ought not be forgotten. And these objects live our homes, overlooked daily, but then every so often they catch our eye… and poetically pull us inside-out… to another time, another place."

Commissioned by Irish Design 2015 (ID2015) and the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI)

Directed by Andrew Nuding and Makers & Brothers
Production by Makers & Brothers
Edited by Andrew Nuding Stephen Walsh
Music by Jonathan Nangle
Voiceover by Jonathan Legge
Sound by Andrew Nuding and Stephen Walsh
Title Design by Commission
Camera Assistant Rebecca McNally

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