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Anna Pavord is a renowned gardener, horticultural writer and author whose personal garden is an oasis of calm in the beautiful countryside of Dorset, England. Her garden is ever changing, yet timeless – it is a place where Anna’s design and influence is “ruled by the form of a plant, particularly by its foliage, its texture”. Sunnyside Farm is the result of years of dedication and has a history carefully recorded in Anna’s own handwritten ledger. It is Anna’s knowledge and wisdom and the individual qualities of each plant that makes the garden both unique and wonderful.

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A lifetime love for ferns is evident in her use of the species – there are over 48 different types of ferns in the garden, each with its own unique and fascinating form. In Anna’s words, “the fern encapsulates the sort of plant that she now tends to go for – superb form. Wonderful beauty. Giving you a long time to wait before giving you its full performance.” It is a garden that mostly contains leaves and greenery with the occasional ‘moment’ of colourful brought forth by tulips, irises and peonies – though not many rose moments as she admits that she is not too keen on them.

"a hand shake between the garden and the wider landscape"

It is clear that Anna’s passion for plants and gardening means more to her than creating a space of curated growth – to Anna it is her Eden, a hidden valley, her life in colourful moments and varied textures.

Video commissioned by Nowness, directed by Howard Sooley

“Ruled by the form of a plant, particularly by its foliage, its texture”

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