Late last year our creative director was approached by the wonderful team at Mr. Porter and asked to be part of their new series, ‘The Way I cook’. Jonathan loves to cook but never for an audience and so was super nervous having said yes. Nerves aside there was also the issue of what he might cook. It needed to be simple, seasonal and tasty, but maybe a little unexpected. There was a long list and in the end a Wood Pigeon salad was the plan. It was a dish he used to cook a lot when he lived in London and cycled from work through Brough Food Market picking up cheap treats  on his way home.  His friend Ben helped him refined his messy original into the more refined version you can view above.

Pigeon, as a bird might make some think twice. We see so many of them perched about our cities that eating them is rarely considered. However it is probably one of the most abundant game birds available and it is so very easy and quick to cook. It is also tastes deliciously earthy.

Take a look at the short film above and give it a try at home. A good butcher will have pigeon in his shop and a bottle of Chianti Classico would complement the salad nicely.