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Wood Warms You Twice

There is something so wonderfully raw and elemental about a log fire, especially this time of year as the days are darker and the nights a little longer. The only thing that makes a fire more enjoyable is when you have chopped the wood yourself. The physical effort involved makes the crackle and spark more magical than any other source of heat and light we know of.

We grew up with a dad that loves nothing more than gathering timber and lighting fires. Any and every walk involved the gathering of potential fuel from driftwood to fallen boughs, all was dragged home. The next task was a favourite, axes and hatchets, wedges and hammers, logs lovingly spilt and stacked for the years ahead.

For us an axe is a wonderfully primitive tool laced with uncomplicated memories of sore hands and a gratifying fatigue that comes from productive laboring. When it came to sourcing these tools for Makers & Brothers we diligently searched out the best we could find - Gränsfors Bruk from northern Sweden. Gränsfors is a wonderful company that has been producing handcrafted axes since 1902. Each axe is signed with the smiths initials as a guarantee of their quality and as a sign of respect for the handcrafted nature of the tool.

Here is a video introducing Gränsfors, enjoy.

'As it burns, wood releases the energies of the earth, water and sunshine that grew it. Each species expresses its character in its distinctive habits of combustion. Willow burns as it grows, very fast, spitting like a firecracker. Oak glows reliably, hard and long. A wood fire in the hearth is a little household sun.'

Video and imagerey by Gränsfors
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